Post Race Amenities

Stokely Creek Lodge


Bring your towels and shower caddy for a refreshing post race shower, clean washrooms and a place to change into your comfy clothes before the awards ceremony!

Take it another step further and crash the night in one of the beautiful Stokely Chalets!

Northern Chiropractic & Massage 4 Health


Left it all out on trail today? Let the magic healing hands of Dr. Jason Bradford with Northern Chiro and RMT Patti Francis with Massage 4 Health bring you back to life! Professional Chiropractic and Massage services for those in need of some post race treatment. Book an appt at the Health check tent near the start line!

This is are the two that can resurrect your physical state for an evening of food friends and fun!

Outspoken Brewing


 Let's get down to business here. You've showered, changed, had some Chiro from the Doc, if you ran long today, tanked up on some food, now it's time for some pints of the best brew in the Soo! Show your race bib to get started with your first beer on the house from the good people at Outspoken Brewing. Beware, once it hits your lips....