There is so much to be done. No single person could take on an endeavour like this without a support network behind them. We are looking for volunteers to assist with pre race details, race day details and post race cleanup. What kind of roles are we looking for?

-Race Planning


-Medical Professionals

-Race Packet & Swag Stuffers


-Trail Markers

-Race Sweepers


-Food Prep & Teardown

-Aid Station Attendants

-Locals with access to ATV's

-Medal and Prize Distribution



We hope we give you a sense of local pride and team camaraderie as we showcase one of the most beautiful regions in all of Northern Ontario. 

With your help, this is going to grow into one of the most attended Ultra Marathons in all of Ontario, if not Canada. Get in on the ground floor people. 

We can't wait to meet you all!


There is no way we can do with without you!

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We love our volunteers! If you sign up, you in turn become loved by us as well!

Bear In Mind Running